Hello Everyone

What is going on here at the Mill?  The water wheel is still waiting for the new hub to arrive and even then it will be a couple of weeks or more to mount it.  Then last week the diesel generator jammed as I tried to start it, followed by the small petrol generator blowing up as I started that one.  The remaining large petrol generator I have great trouble starting at the moment as I wrenched my elbow as I fell off a ladder recently and the ligaments need time to heal.  Last night the TV failed and the washing machine will not work.  So I cannot help but ask as to which side He is on?

Upon reflection of course that is not the question to ask.  For ever since mankind has existed people have tried to coerce their god or gods to their own way of thinking.  I have often wondered about the wisdom of people as they prayed telling God what to do!  “Just do this” or “just do that” and the world will be put to rights.  Or the wisdom of God as people say that Jesus is telling them to do this or God is telling them to do that.  And of course there is Holy War as all wars are holy for the priesthood tells the people that God is on their side.

I guess the proper question to ask is, “are we on God’s side?”

[That doesn’t restore the power at the Mill though]

A bit of theory can be found in the Book of Job, in the Old Testament.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Spring is all around us.  Every blessing.