May Newsletter – Monarchy or Republic

Hi Everyone

By the time you read this you might be completely fed up with Coronation, Coronation and more Coronation.  Be that as it may, I just want to offer a thought about our Nation.  I know it has been said that a week in politics is long, long time, but we have one of the most stable governmental set ups in the whole world.  It’s a mix of a dynastic ‘one man at the top’ and short lived presidential republican democracy, but one thing history teaches us is that we never learn from history.

If you have a republic then, in theory, anyone can reach the top job of president.  That might lead to ideas of meritocracy and an individual’s dreams of power, but it also leads from time to time to corruption, nepotism, despotism, and even revolution.  It starts with concepts of democracy, with everyone having a say in national issues, albeit through an elected representative.  However the need for balances and constant tension between opposing parties is essential if the whole edifice isn’t going to go the way history shows most republics end up.  In fact one or two of our fairly recent Prime Ministers have got close to Presidential powers.  Thank goodness they didn’t quite get there.

On the other hand you might have a dynasty – monarchy by any other name.  Here the common consent is that one person’s word is law although the outward form of that government may vary.  You might have a North Korean type of dynasty of today or like our own rule of kings pre-King John / pre-Magna Carter 1215.  It might last a few hundred years or so but eventually there is likely to be a coup and a new set up that overthrows the status quo.

I think I am extremely lucky to live in the UK where the mix of Monarchy and Republic goes under the name of Constitutional Monarchy within a democratic Mother of All Parliaments government.  It is this mix that produces a stability that is envious throughout the world.  It must be the longest lasting form of government the world has ever seen – possibly.  God bless the King!

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Have a joyous bank holiday and Coronation day.