May Newsletter – Struggle

Hello Everyone

Life is a struggle – of course.

Why is it that no sooner do we overcome one problem than another takes all our emotional energy and time to cope with.  In fact upon reflection we can see that there are always problems of one kind or another demanding our attention, so I suppose that is another way of confirming we are alive. 

No matter what kind of activity we look at, be it for example biological, human, cosmological or spiritual, there is only either growth or death.  One or the other and no third option.  As soon as growth stops then entropy kicks in and we start on the road to death and decay.  Life is the ordering of atoms, molecules, cells or situations, whilst death is breaking down of the same, and to produce order takes energy concentration and struggle.

You can argue the other way round and that chaos is energy sapping, for when the room has been tidied, the garden sorted, the accounts brought up to date and so on, then there is a sigh and a feeling of job well done.  Yet the observation of the doing of that job is that it took energy and work.  You didn’t just sit down and wish the work done.  In one sense it was a struggle.

Sometimes the struggle is too much and it leads to breakdown, giving up or taking a lesser course.  One option could be to ask for help such as counselling if it is a personal or an emotional situation.  Two heads are better than one, is the saying.  Many hands make light work etc.  But if we are to grow then challenges must be faced and a struggle enjoined. 

One saying that makes me grind my teeth is ‘Smile God loves you’.  The inference is that if you can just accept the situation and ‘go with the flow’ then all will be well.  Tommy rot.  Jesus didn’t promise us a life of milk and honey by sitting down on our collective backside but he did promise us our own cross to carry or to be pruned to make us more fruitful still.

At the moment the whole world is in a crisis situation but there is not much to gain by just wailing and blaming.  It is not going to go away on its own.  We need to all work together, to help each other to get through this without the crisis becoming worse.  It isn’t someone else’s problem.  It is OUR problem.

Doing our bit is following the government rules and respecting other people’s needs and space.  It means putting ourselves out in some way or other, facing loneliness or coping with stress or forgoing the social scene, holiday or usual pastime.  Don’t leave it all to others.  Don’t be the selfish neighbour.  Please let’s follow the rules for now.  It won’t last for ever.

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Stay safe. Blessings