May Newsletter – Throw it Away

Hello Everyone

How times change.  In this country years ago, if something went wrong or broke, the first thought would be to get it repaired.  Nowadays the first thought is likely to be “throw it away and get a new one”.  In fact that idea of getting something repaired is so novel that it is worthy of being the subject for a TV programme!  There used to be local repair shops for electrical goods or bicycles, toys, furniture and the like.  Clothes were patched and handed down, collars were turned round, even the wrappings around blocks of butter or lard were kept to grease pans.  Fat from the Sunday joint was never thrown away but used instead of oil for the fry up, and the stock pot was a feature in most kitchens.  Not so today.  Throw it away and get a new one is the general cry heard.


So where do all these things end up?  As land-fill sites are filling up and communities averse to incinerators, fly tipping is seen more and more.  We have seen all manner of strange goodies that have been thrown away come down the streams at the Mill.  We have had electrical stuff (right), a ten-inch waterproof ‘sausage’ of hemp seeds (duly handed in to the police), some kind of drain cover remover (left) and even an earthenware kitchen sink come tumbling end over end when the stream was in spate.  And that does not include all the sewage articles and chemicals of general pollution.  As a whole, we are a filthy species, forever wasteful and unmindful of our surroundings, neighbours and environment.

Unfortunately, that attitude and what happens in the physical world is so often duplicated in the social, mental or unseen realms.  Relationships are so often not fostered but held in familiarity contempt.  Opinions are swapped or upgraded as the latest (false) news is dramatically announced.  Ipads and Iphones are essential appendages.  Tweeter, Facebook and Instagram are already old hat. People look for the latest ‘fix’, therapist, New Age mystery or teacher – always looking but never really finding.

During this pandemic so many relationships, friendships and even people’s faith have been lost, damaged or thrown away. Some things will never be the same again.

What we offer is hard work for Clients.  No miracles occur here or magic wands wafted around.  There is no quick fix. There is nothing glamourous in Counselling as Clients endeavour to repair relationships, dreams and self esteem. We cannot go back to how things were.

The usual updates are there – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a good month and blessings