May Newsletter – Was I Right?

Hello Everyone

Well was I right or do I hang up my astrological hat? 

I guess I was right and wrong!  I was right in that the first Sunday of the month, just as the chart indicated, the war profoundly changed.  The Russian war machine stopped at Kyiv and started to withdraw.  For good or for ill, the whole direction of their invasion turned to concentrate on the east of the country, which may or may not be decisive for them as far as territory is concerned, but I am sure that the war will hinge on that move.  However, it also revealed to the rest of the world how barbaric their invasion was as the bodies started to come to light at Bucha, which may well turn out to be the decisive point in the overall rejection of Russia by the majority of the world. Spot on!

I was wrong in that I presumed the next week indicated that because of this there would be bruised egos.  Well it wasn’t because of the turnabout by Russia that egos were bruised but bruised they most certainly were!  Ten Downing Street Partygate provided the first sitting Prime Minister ever to be acknowledged as breaking the law.  He hasn’t apologised so much in all his life and it isn’t going to end there.

My defence is that the charts are simplified and so some detail is bound to be lost, therefore I will continue to write the monthly update but do remember that it is not really about the international scene but for the benefit of Healers and Practitioners.

Back to the Mill.  What do you think the newly built structure is all about?

One person thought it might be a landing strip for fledgling pheasants while another considered it a bit of modern art.  He entitled it ‘Politicians’ as they always seem to be coming from nowhere and going nowhere as well.  Answers next month.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Every blessing