May Newsletter – Water

Hi Everyone

Something to think about in your spare time.

One of the most common substances on this planet is Water.  And because it is so common we rarely consider it as precious – unless you live in a drought or desert area.   Yet without its most peculiar properties life would not be possible.  It is a very strange substance.

Made from two gases (or two alcohols – hydro-gin and oxy-gin) sorry about that, it behaves like nothing else on Earth.  It decreases in density at 4 degrees centigrade and less, not the usual increase as other matter behaves, and so floats!  That property alone makes life possible for if it shrank, ice would form at the bottom of standing water and kill off plants and all life that depends upon such.

It cannot be compressed or squashed into a smaller volume, just increases in pressure.  It carries heat to all parts of the world in currents.  It erodes the land.  It reacts to the Moon’s influence.  Are brains are comprised of 73% water, our bodies a total of 60%. 

When tranquil it can be a source of comfort or sport or place of leisure.  It is dangerous when there is too much and in motion.  It is a source of power when controlled. 

In the magical world it corresponds to the emotions, with all its depths, fears, tides, hidden dangers and delights.  It has its own energy associated with it, Chi. 

In the religious world it is symbolic of God’s presence and cleansing / vitalising influence.

And it falls from the sky.  And it falls from the sky.  And it falls from the sky.  Ad nauseum. 

End of thought for the month.

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Have a good month