November Newsletter – I don’t know

Hello Everyone

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t said anything about astrology in the January Newsletter or about predictions.  Since then I have been asked several times as to when Covid-19 will stop and we can go back to normal.  The simple answer is ‘I DON’T KNOW’.

I have never liked the idea of astrological prediction – or any kind of prediction except that within scripture.  However when interpreting the weekly charts I have used them more as indicators of prevailing influences.  Hence they can be used as aids or tools for Healers or Counsellors.  I never meant them to be used as insights for anything else.  But as those influences impinge on individuals in similar ways, so although the context for each person is unique, the unfolding within each context show those similar trends.  The temptation is to view individuals en masse.  Then it is likely to become predictive. 

All of this could be an excuse to wriggle out of last month’s seeming prediction of something giving ground or lessening.  But let me put my case in that those clients and friends I see or know about have, each in their own way and context, found quite a resolving of tension and issues during the last week or so of the month just as the interpretation suggested.  The nation’s tension, or individuals en masse, is quite another matter.

As I said last month, the charts have shown the increasing disillusion with those in authority as the lockdown lasted, then lifted, then came back in increasing number of areas.  The Manchester revolt led by the Mayor Andy Burnham, showed how strongly people felt and how prepared they were to buck the government.  Talk about that over-worked word ‘unprecedented’.  And then towards the end of the month it suddenly folded!

I do not wish to put my head on the block again, and I do not know when the end of the pandemic will happen.  Yet the outlook is becoming more and more optimistic as a possible vaccine is trialled even though another lockdown is upon us. Perhaps there is more of an acceptance by most of the populous after all as the inevitable draws near.

Other news – You have heard of gremlins or mischievous spirits that dwell in machinery, well here is a Gearbox Sprite – hopefully a good spirit (photo care of Alex) – doing its business down at the Mill.  Constant maintenance is required for the machine that never truly stops generating our power.  However you have to be a contortionist to work here!

The usual updates are there. Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a tensionless month and blessings