November Newsletter, – I Promised not to do it again.

Hello Everyone

[Written on October 10th}

I know I promised not to do this again, but I couldn’t help myself when I was working on next month’s Astrology charts.  Remember there is a legal requirement that I have to remind everyone that this is for entertainment purposes, however:-

If you look at the chart for 6th November, notice the T-Square (a right-angled triangle) with the pressure (point) on Saturn in Aquarius – bad news.  Do try to follow my reasoning. Saturn is sometimes called the Great Malevolent, whilst Aquarius is considered to be about perversity, individuality, accidents and angst – possibly to the level of warfare.  If that isn’t bad enough then the bottom angle is formed by Uranus, retrograde, in Taurus.  Uranus is often called the Lord of Karma, of hard lessons in Life, especially if like now it is retrograde, whilst Taurus is depicted by a Bull (great masculine energy).  The top angle is formed by three signs close together, these being Venus, Mercury and the Sun, all in the sign of Scorpio. These three together very much suggest a projected front, but with emotional roots, and being in Scorpio, there is a sting in the tail, so to speak.

I hope you can see where all this is heading for a T-Square is the single most challenging aspect in any chart.  Draw your own conclusions but this is a singularly difficult situation, with very little positive going for it. I cannot wonder if Mr Putin is going to do something stupid, further to the absurd claims he has already made on the Ukraine.

The following week, November 13th, shows that at the weekend there is a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle), a truly positive energetic aspect, that looks to be a consequence or reaction to the preceding week.  The same top bundle is linked this time to the Moon (on the right) and Jupiter /Neptune, both retrograde, at the bottom.  Jupiter is called the Great Benevolent and Neptune the Mystic. Being retrograde it reintroduces the Fated quality to the chart.

I looks to me that if Mr Putin is going to do something silly then the collective World will react to counter it – very strongly.

I also hope that I am very, very much mistaken in this interpretation.

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I hope you all have a peaceful month.