November Newsletter – Things that go bump in the night

Hello everyone.

When you read this the Horrible Hauntings of Halloween night will be in the past.  At least I hope they are!

It is most unusual to find anyone NOT afraid of the dark, or being afraid whilst in the dark.  I put it that way for although a person may not believe in ghosts or ghostly goings on, when you cannot see all around you there is always the apprehension of something coming at you unawares.  Shadows seem to have a life of their own and noises can be quite disturbing.  The first time I heard a vixen cry at night the hairs on my head lifted up as it sounds like a baby being tortured and when you don’t know for sure what is going on out there then imagination can take over, the heart rate increases and adrenalin prepares you for fight or flight.

Fear does have its positive side, though, for without a degree of fear we would be so incautious that we would be vulnerable in the extreme.  Fear of heights, fear of danger when crossing the road, fear of electrocution when dealing with plugs and sockets can be life savers.  The list is endless.  However, fear can lead you to make all manner of wrong assumptions, hamstring incentive, and cripple the normally cautious individual.  One rather profound saying that sums up one counselling attitude is:-

“If you live in fear of the future because of what happened in your past you will end up losing what you have in the present.”

And returning to the Halloween theme, when Christianity first came to these lands one evangelising trick was to call the previous existing old religion evil.  The old religion was not only old fashioned and askew, but in reality – so the teaching went – the old priesthood had enslaved the people, not letting them grow and stand up for what was good and right.  The old beliefs and gods were EVIL and to be shunned and fought against.  Hence the image of the Devil is that of the Goat or Horned One, the Baal or Pan of earlier religions.  Hence there was no Satanism until Christianity came into being.  Fear is a very effective weapon in the domination armoury and so as a consequence, look at the most taboo of the present religion and you will probably find the most sacred of the previous old religion!

Before Christianity took a hold here, Halloween was not a time of fear and evil but a time of high religious observance.  Although the church has declined in strength and numbers its teachings has left a legacy of propaganda of fear.  We have lost the element of respect, worship and being a part of this natural world with all its wonder and mystery that the festival of Halloween brought.  And that is a terrible shame.

We still get requests for help concerning ‘things that go bump in the  night’ from time to time, although no calls for help during the lockdown situation.  Any response is quite discrete but taken seriously.  People don’t like to think they are going mad or wonder who to go to for help, and so often the local vicar is an unknown quantity.  The friend of a friend is usually a better recommendation.

The usual updates are there this month.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

I hope you had a Blessed Halloween