The Magic of the Ley


Tonata Explains about Earth Energies



Tonata looks at the Science of Earth Energies, but in so doing suggests that we make an audacious re-evaluation of the sophistication and abilities of our ancestors


“Magic, once explained, is nothing more than conjuring, mechanics or slight of hand.  Its mystery and allure disappears.  Its followers lose interest and seek new wonders to shout about.  Is nothing sacred?”



It is believed that Tonata was a priest in the Temples of Ptah near Memphis [modern names given rather than the ancient ones] at a time in the history of Egypt when the links between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms were administratively weak around 2030 BC.

He had entered temple service as a boy and, being particularly gifted as a psychic, had been trained for the priesthood.  He was seen as a rising star, but he did not suffer fools gladly.  Unfortunately he gave offence to the wife of a ruler of the great house that held the patronage of that temple, so the temple authorities, in order to save his life, smuggled him to the Southern Kingdom where he was accepted into a temple dedicated to the worship and service of Ra.

He was in effect exiled for many years, but towards the end of his life he returned to the North, by then being acclaimed an Adept in these mysteries.