September Newsletter – Good News, Bad News

Hello Everyone

This monthly missive is supposed to be about what is happening at the Mill, a News Letter ostensibly.  News is so often dire these days – I guess it always is – for bad news sells, whereas good news nearly always goes by unnoticed, but let me buck the trend – sort of!  It is in the presentation.  I could just say woe, woe and thrice woe, looking for commiseration.  Or I could be all positive and gloss over the problems.  Of course it should be a mixture of both – so here goes.

With so little rain these past months some things have truly suffered, like my cauliflowers!  (Bad news).  But what I should point out is that because of the inordinate amount of sunshine the sunflowers have done brilliantly this year, and so have the root crops.  (Good news – but I hope Suzanne likes parsnips.)

Cauliflowers !?

With rainfall so low the streams are hardly flowing.  (Bad news for the fish).  Consequently the water wheel has received such little flow that it generates virtually no power.  However, not wanting to be without electrical power, that prompted me to buy and install some more photovoltaic panels.  (That can’t be bad, so good news).

It is all a matter of how things are viewed. 

A Toddler will fall over again and again, but the pain is worth while if a greater freedom of movement is achieved.

In the counselling room Clients initially present a tearful situation, with emotions high and forecasts dire to dreadful.  That is why they have sought help.  Indeed usually very bad news.  But as the sessions continue the options before them are viewed and assessed for ways forward out of the mire.  It takes challenge and discomfort, but the end result is progress and growth.

It is the same with regards to spirituality.  The fruit of the Spirit is compassion, inner strength, patience, wisdom and love, yet these things do not come easily.  It is a foolish presumption to expect such spiritual growth but just stating, “Smile, God loves you”, and raising your hands in prayer.  It doesn’t work like that.  Crucifixion comes before Resurrection.  As the Psalmist says, gold is refined by being heated seven times and the dross, coming to the surface, is drawn off.  So we are tested and put through the fire, or as Christ says we are the branches to his vine and are pruned to be more fruitful as time goes by.

“Lord give me patience.  Quick.”

The usual updates are there.  Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a great Equinox and month – Blessings