September Newsletter – How Much Longer?

Hello Everybody

Last January newsletter I looked at the astrology for the month and foretold of a worldwide consequence event.  I didn’t know at that time what it would actually be but the ramifications of the event would be awesome.  Of course it wasn’t until the end of the month that we could see the astrological charts referred to the outbreak of Covid 19.  Since then I have been asked several times as to when the pandemic would come to an end but I am sorry to say that I do not have a crystal ball.  I do not know.  In fact the charts for September continue the same bleak message of deep, deep social tension.  There is no quick fix in sight – quite the contrary.

Any problem, when forced upon an individual, seems insurmountable at first.  Of course there is a scale of how problematic, from being a nuisance to complete desperation.  If no end is in sight then it seems all the more unendurable and for some people kept in self shielding isolation, this is a terrible time.  Anger is growing as dissatisfaction sets in.  People are flaunting the rules and a new coming spike is apparent.  Anxiety, for some, is never far away. 

Of course the extreme situation, suicide, is never a pleasant subject to speak about at the best of times for it infers a sense of failure and deep despair.  It may appear logical to the individual to take their life as the only real option available and way out of the situation, and I am sorry to say that suicide is the highest cause of death for men under 50 in the UK.  It remains a gender issue for women are far more likely to talk about things, especially about their emotions.  The stiff upper lip of the male can be a major disadvantage.

In the counselling room, the fact that clients are there, shows more than an element of hope.  That light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how tenuous or nebulous, makes all the difference.  It is amazing how people can cope when hope is present or there is someone who can listen and share things with. 

Although the astrological charts at the moment show little reason to expect an end to the pandemic there is sufficient evidence of a more mundane solution to bring an end to it in the nature of a vaccine before long.  So hang on in there!

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Have a good Equinox