September Newsletter – Not my Problem

Hello Everyone

Having a moan!

It is the prerogative of the older generation to moan about the younger generation as they look back to a mythical golden age and say, “for it was better in my time”!  Wishful thinking?  Looking back through rose-coloured spectacles?  Probably.  But I am sure that sometimes that statement is 100% correct.  Take for example the loss of civility, responsibility and just being friendly and helpful.  “In my time” you gave up your seat on public transport without having to be asked.  You held the door open for whoever was following you, male or female, young or old.  You asked what was wrong and offered to help if you saw a child in tears.  It was never a case of ‘not my problem’, but not anymore.  Nowadays you are likely to be accused of being a paedophile if you approach a tearful youngster, especially if you are male.  People on public transport are likely to be wearing earpieces with eyes glued to iPhone or the like, so don’t you dare interrupt them.  And not so long back I was accused of being sexist when I held open a door for a young woman who was following me!  It is a case of down with chivalry and up with equality.  I should have ignored her and let her work things out for herself for it obviously wasn’t my problem.

The basic qualities of human integrity, friendliness and a helpful attitude are no longer in vogue.  You mind your own business and ignore others around you.  And I am sure this attitude spills over into even the closest relationships.  Again and again, I see from the counselling room how a selfish or self-centred outlook on life is more the norm than ever before.  No wonder relationships fail as basic goodness disappears. 

Remember this?

Last week we had booked the same Cherry Picker to fell some diseased ash trees. We had arranged help and cancelled clients, only to be told 24 hours earlier that the previous customer was hanging on to it.  Never mind the booking and major inconvenience.  The booking agent inferred that it wasn’t his problem.


What does it take to reverse such a trend and for better qualities to shine forth once again. No idea.  Oh for the good old days.

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