September Newsletter – the Little White Lie

Hello Everybody

No doubt as children we all were taught by our parents that we should always tell the truth, a lesson reinforced with such stories as Pinocchio’s nose growing when he lied.  I wish it could have always been so simple but of course Life soon taught us otherwise.  Self preservation and social oil on troubled waters became factors that confused the issue and it was only time that helped bring wisdom and a sort of clarity as to when to lie or not. “Does my bum look big in this”, is every husband’s nightmare scenario, whilst politicians and Civil Servants become past masters at how to say things without saying a damn thing – Sir Humphrey Appleby in ‘Yes Minister’ being the epitome of such talent.

We generally expect that kind of lie in everyday conversation with strangers for it is impossible to do otherwise if we want the wheels of society to turn smoothly.  “How are you?” as a greeting is not meant in a caring way for the speaker probably couldn’t care less.  It is a lying convention that opens conversation and there is absolutely no harm in it being a lie.  We all do it to some degree or other.

Bring in the Counsellor.

A far more difficult area is that of family relationships.  Too often things are said simply to keep the peace in the short term.  “I’m ok”, or “I don’t mind” are two such lies that said often enough hide discomfort or heartache that build resentment and emotional turmoil that in the end could bring relationship breakdown.  It becomes harder to tell the truth the more that particular lie is told.  What starts as a short term ‘shrug’ grows into a hurdle that is overwhelming and threatening which often needs professional help to unravel or get passed.  In fact it may be that the individual cannot see the truth beside the lie anyhow!

Bring in the Priest.

What is not realised is that any lie damages the individual saying it.  It may seem trivial and of no consequence but said enough times personal integrity is gradually whittled away.  Which is another way of saying the soul is being diminished – incrementally.  Spirituality is an aspect of our humanity that is not dependent upon any one religion or lack of it.  Our spirituality or sense of rightness or even sacredness is a gestalt of our total experience of Life to that moment.  Our integrity, personal honour and self respect are complex aspects of our inner being that affect our attitudes, outlook and consequent relationships – our soul’s growth (spirituality) and community harmony.

There is no easy answer to all of this, but it came to mind when looking at next month’s Astrology notes for although the notes are meant for a particular usage they can always be interpreted at various levels. It is more about an influence or trend that is experienced by every individual to some degree or other, or community, or nation. 

Why can’t Life be easy?

The usual updates are there. Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have an honest Equinox month