We are all Doomed!

As was said on ‘Dad’s Army’ – “Doomed!  Doomed!  We are all doomed!”.  Also from Mr Jones’ – “Don’t panic!  Don’t Panic!”.

When I started the Charity website in June 2008, I was surprised when the returning site statistics showed that the most read page or topic was the Power Point Presentation of the Book of Revelation.  In fact that interest hardly changed over the years, keeping its polar position until 18 months ago when the Astrology update took over as the number one paged viewed, I suppose because I had foretold a world event that would take place that January of 2020 that would shake all of us up profoundly.  It seems a consequence of life’s uncertainties understandably leads most people on to curiosity as to their future, be it short term or long, for individuals or society as a whole.

There have always been wars and major incidents that have destroyed people’s lives and domesticity ever since there has been mankind.  No doubt there always will be.  But during the last 100 years the extent and far reaching effects of such incidents has grown exponentially, effecting us all to some degree or other.  The Crimean or Boer Wars were bad enough in their time but were nothing compared to the first and second world wars.  There have been plagues that have spread across whole continents in the past such as the Black Death, but these have spread with a couple of centuries between them.  More recently, the flu pandemic of 1918 and the Covid pandemic of the past year have been relatively on top of each other, both claiming untold thousands or possibly millions of lives.  Famines have been with us since biblical times, but have they been of the same scale or influence as Biafra, Ethiopia or central Africa?  I think not.

You only get wars or major migrations when there is dissatisfaction of some kind or other, such as lack of resources of food or water, or power struggles of ideology or religion, or greed and control of minerals such as oil.  But these days when you get more than one such incident coinciding with another, then the fallout spills over to be felt throughout the whole world.  There has never been such a time of upheaval as the last 50 years or so for huge migrations of displaced minorities or ‘have nots’ have gravitated – and continue to gravitate – to nations of ‘haves’.  Nothing seems to stop the move or stem the tide of populace.  Life has become cheap and lives lost as the grass looks so much greener elsewhere.

And on top of all this is Climate Change!  It takes a Donald Trump to disagree with the evidence.  We are repeatedly being shown pictures of the effects of climate change as glaciers and Arctic ice melt, or of wild fires that cannot be easily controlled, deserts expanding and wild life threatened or whole species become extinct or go into terminal decline.  Unfortunately some of the circulating, prevailing ideas sets the imagination running riot.  They conjure up terrible scenarios of horror and devastation that Hollywood has latched onto for those blockbuster films or videos.  And the worst is not about war, cyber warfare and the effects of war but the unstoppable backlash from Mother Nature. 

Where is this all leading to?  Are we all doomed?  It is small wonder that people wonder!

Apart from more pandemic scenarios or biological warfare, it would seem that there are four major themes of this ilk that have been picked up and run with, these being Climate Change, Earthquake and resulting Tsunami, Super Volcanoes and the like, and asteroid collisions with the Earth. Ye gods!

Certainly climate change brought on by man’s influence has been going on since the Industrial Revolution.  The gaseous output of industrialisation has increased as time has gone on and the environment has not been able to deal with it as it did in past years.  The greenhouse gasses effect might have brought about a seemingly small increase in overall degrees but there is no doubt that the effect of only a degree or so increase is accelerating as farms rely more and ever more on irrigation for their crops whilst moorland and woods burn in ever wider areas of the world.  Above all else the ice is melting in the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland ice fields. 

Funnily enough the end result is not likely to be hot desiccation, but a new Ice Age!  The alarming evidence suggests that the cold northern and southern oceans are being slowly diluted with fresh water from the ice melt that lowers their overall buoyancy.  The fear is that this in turn affects the warm ocean currents from such places as the Gulf of Mexico and the South China Seas that run across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans respectively.  The theory goes that these warming currents will therefore not be held to the upper parts of the oceans and so the Gulf Stream and its equivalent in other parts of the Seven Seas might suddenly stop flowing [wildhunt.org/2021/04/research-suggests-the-gulf-stream-is-weakening.html].   The warming effect will stop, the major jet streams will in turn not be warmed, the temperate lands will cool alarmingly and the result will be a temperature inversion that swiftly leads into a new Ice Age. 

Wonderful!  Is it something to be worried about?  Yes it seems it is – but don’t tell everyone for that would only start Corporal Jones to shout – “Don’t Panic. Don’t Panic.”

What of Earthquake and resulting Tsunami? 

One very well known example was the Krakatoa eruption and resulting tsunami in 1883, leaving that volcano still active.  And we have the bewildering possibility of the Santorini blow and resulting tsunami of around 1600BC in the Mediterranean sea that could well have been the agent that destroyed the Minoan civilisation and gave rise to the plagues of Egypt and birth of the Israelite nation and Exodus!  [www.santorini.com/santorinivolcano/]  However, probably the most well known recent example of an earthquake and resulting tsunami is the one of Boxing Day 2004 when upwards of 228,000 people lost their lives.  The epicentre was off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, and the financial cost was estimated at 15 billion US dollars.  Then there was the even more recent Japan earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011 which killed about 20,000 people and nearly caused an atomic blowout of a power station. 

It could be that we do not know about other past such events but it cannot just be that we have better records and better reporting to notice that these events are becoming more frequent.  And note that even a small quake near the Canary Isles could tip the balance of the fault line going through that island and send half a mountain sliding into the ocean [www.rense.cm/general13/tidal.htm].  If that happens then the resulting tsunami would cross the Atlantic at about 500mph and devastate the eastern seaboard and cities of America.  This would mean equal devastation to the American financial stability and world leadership.  It is on record that it is not a matter of if the mountain will slide but a matter of when it will slide and it is possibly overdue!

Another situation of when rather than just if is the blasting open and resulting super volcano of the Yellowstone Caldera [www.realclearscience.com].   The last time this happened was about 640,000 years ago when almost half of the (now) American continent was covered in ash and basalt lava flow.  I really don’t want to be alarmist but there is an increase in volcanic activity and the Yellowstone landscape is beginning to tilt and rise!  You can hardly imagine what would happen to America if the super volcano did blow.  It would certainly bury western North America, meaning that that nation would be wiped off the political map.

It certainly seems that Fate has got it in for America!

So after all that is it an anticlimax to even think about an asteroid collision with Earth?   Sixty-six million years ago an asteroid collision killed off the dinosaurs but could it happen today?  [www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/what-happened-day-dinosaurs-died-chicxulub-drilling-asteroid-science]  That was a mountain sized piece of space debris, however  a much smaller asteroid, but still an appreciable chunk, could hit Earth in 2027.  According to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, asteroid ‘2017 PDC’ has a 96% chance of hitting earth in 2027.  That is a very high probability.  Even though the ‘2017 PDC’ Asteroid only has a diameter of between 100 meters and 250 meters, it could still cause devastating destruction worldwide [www.asteroidcollision.herokuapp.com/asteroid-hit]. 

It is not as if the Earth has not undergone huge climatic change in the past, for there is evidence of more than one Snowball Earth – the most recent being 650 million years ago [www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowball_earth] and of a Fireball Earth – 250 million years ago of the Permian Extinction [www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy5eYUaqCbs].  So you see there is nothing sacred about human kind populating the planet.  Life has a habit of continuing even if all the humans perish.

But coming back to the world of today with human beings abounding – what is likely to happen in the near future?  To answer that we can only surmise or perhaps look at various prophesies.

The Book of Revelation is the most detailed of various predictions and prophesies.  It is a difficult book to read and even more difficult to understand, for it looks as if the writer was on some kind of drug trip and just recorded his hallucinations.  However if you can persevere and follow up with some research or further reading about the Book, then the emerging picture is frighteningly detailed and precise.  I make no bones about this.  It is a difficult read but you might find my PowerPoint Presentation on the Haye Mill website a way into the Book.  Try this link.  [The Book of Revelation (hayemill.com)]  I have done most of the work for you by interpreting the symbols but it is still a bit of a slog, but the end result is to view the shape and progress of the Third World War ending in the battle of Armageddon.

Just one note – there is mention in the Book of world powers such a China, Africa and Russia, but no mention of America!  Perhaps that country already has too much to cope with because of the above!!!

So scare yourself silly and join me as I chant, “We are all doomed.