Astrology reveals the Messiah in the Bible!

When you hear the same story retold time after time, year in year out, you know what is coming. So there is no need to think any further – is there? Well a little challenge on that point. Did you know that Christmas – or in fact more accurately Epiphany (the Christian season that follows directly after Christmas) – is all about Astrology? I bet they didn’t teach you that in Sunday School!!

Natal Astrology is all about birth times, birth places, birth dates and stars in the sky. The Christmas story surrounds itself around a special birth time, birth place, birth date and a special star in the sky.

But let us go further and consider the Wise Men. No, we are not told that there were three of them, what their names were or that they were of varying ethnic origins. That is the stuff of legends. We are told that they came from the East, followed celestial signs, looked for a special birth, brought gifts and were called ‘Magi’ – the same root word where we get ‘magician’.

The New English Bible translates Magi as – you guessed it – Astrologers! So far from condemning astrology, the bible actually upholds the ancient lore, and preachers down the centuries have – more likely unwittingly – been promulgating astrological ‘truth’ about the person Jesus. That I find truly ironic.

You see, astrology teaches that the whole solar system, including our world, goes through great ages that last approximately 2,000 years an age, as the whole system revolves in a vast circle in some way. It is a cycle that last millennia, but each age has its characteristics in the same way that we speak of a person showing the characteristics of any astrological sign, and two thousand years ago the world was in a similar period of change as it is today. Then, it was moving from the age of Aries to that of Pisces, and of course astrologers would have been well aware of that fact.

One other bit of astrological lore is that each great age not only has its characteristics, but that each is personified in some way at the dawning of that age by some actual person of blood, flesh and bone. As the age of Pisces has ‘spirituality’ at its core, so the person who would have personified that age would have appeared as a great religious teacher – a spiritual giant – a messiah. Everyone who knew of the lore was looking for such a person. It would have been the discussion for idle moments of all intelligentsia. A ‘who do you think it is’ game of the time.

I make light of the matter, for it would have been an extremely important matter for those who lived during those years and who were in the know. So important was it for some of the scholars that they were prepared to take truly tremendous risks and travel to a place where their calculations and observations suggested this spiritual giant might be born, so they could give that person due homage and at the same time be privileged to see for themselves this messiah figure in human baby form. What an opportunity. This is the untold significance of the Epiphany story. Astrology points to Jesus as the revealed Messiah, the spiritual giant, the Piscean Man, the God-Man. The cosmos declared it for all to see.

Of course two thousand years have rolled on by and we are in the dawning of another great age. That is the significance of the song from ‘Hair’ called “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. We are in that time again when one great age is moving into another – this time from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius.

For anyone who knows me, they know I do not look forward to the future. There are many people out there searching for a new messiah or a ‘second coming’, for in our uncertainty we are facing great change whether we like it or not, so I wonder who the new Aquarian Person is to be? Note I do not necessarily call him or her a messiah but simply someone who personifies the Age.

I leave it up to you to look up the characteristics of the Age while I pray about it!