Question – “Can you say more about sex please?”

Can you say more about Sex please?

I would like to speak more about energies this morning. Do you remember I spoke of them once as sex? However, I will speak of them in the more usual terms of yin and yang.

I chose to speak of energy in those terms before, to broaden the outlook of just what sex is, not being the physical intercourse alone but the interaction on an energy level, in all manner of ways between all manner of people. From my viewpoint, to think of sex simply as a physical activity is absurd in its limitation. But it may be just as difficult for people on the earth plane of existence to think of sex as involving or encompassing energy exchange. So let me speak in terms of yin and yang to begin with, but I would like you to think of the meaning behind those words the whole time.

In your society you sometimes think of energy as having magnetism or electricity. You even use the same symbols of + and – for both, so that is my starting point. In your symbolism you use a positive symbol for yang and a negative symbol against yin. I find I become indignant, for it puts other qualities on to yin and yang that do not belong there. To think of one as a positive thing and something else as a negative is putting quality on the energy which it does not merit. A yin energy is just as positive as yang energy, just as beneficial, just as necessary, so to put a negative sign against it is upsetting for the feminine yin and gives the wrong idea.

I believe I am quite correct in saying it is not possible to have just a north magnet or just a south magnet and you always have a north and south magnet together. That is correct is it not? In the same way it is not possible to have a yin without a yang or a yang without a yin. For one is defined by the other. And it is energy exchange or flow which makes all of life possible.

It was initially thought that electrical energy flowed from the positive to the negative. That is now considered erroneous. It has also been customarily thought that, just as for semen, energy exchange of a sexual nature is from yang to yin, from male to female. But that is also misleading, for in actual sexual intercourse it is an exchange which takes place, both from male to female and female to male. It is more of a cycle rather than a waterfall from a higher to a lower potential. It is a cycle, a circle of energy. If it was only one way then you would have dominance of one over the other, one being more important than the other.

This can lead to certain expectations of behaviour and that can be damaging. If it is a flow one way then you would expect the male to be more important or dominant, if you think of the flow in a circle then there is complimenting of both the male and the female. I know this is very elementary, I do apologise, but I think such basic thought is necessary.

Let me apply this elsewhere. If we look at the flow of energies through the seasons, we see tides flowing first one way then the other, as first one is more pronounced and then the other is. So the different seasons have been given a yang and yin symbolism. In my time it was a very simple division. The summer or the warmer times was thought as being more yang and the winter times, the cooler times, as more yin. It was as simple a division as that.

If a person is experiencing certain illnesses which are accredited to deficiency in one form of that energy cycle then the time of the year will influence that disease or illness. To rectify it would mean it necessary to bring into that person’s presence the missing energies, not necessarily of a medicine type. It could be through diet, through colour or music, through some kind of activity, or meditation or visualisation. Let me take it further.

In the middle of winter it is necessary to bring more yang if the yin is uncomfortable. To travel to a sunnier place would be a common sense solution, but you might find simply fantasising about summer helps. If you are more knowledgeable of the different kinds of plants, foods and herbs with their particular influence, just by bringing yang plants into that person’s presence would help. There would be more of an energy exchange taking place with its corresponding change of health.

In all things an energy exchange and balance is what is being sought.

It is important not just to consider a person but their environment, as to their comfort or discomfort, their health or otherwise. Some people who are predominately yang, say, in their outlook and personality, if they went to a yang place on the earth would not be ultimately helping themselves. At first it would seem they get along very well, their energies would be exaggerated, they would feel good. But the end result would be disconcerting over time. There would be ill health and an imbalance. Going to a yin place on the earth might seem to be less auspicious at first, but in that complimenting energy stability there would be a corresponding stability within themselves. It would be a good foundation to build upon.

With a second person involved, where there might be an initial imbalance between the two causing disharmony or discord, by moving to an area that strengthens the energetic weakness the resulting dynamic between the couple will improve – simply by being in that place!

Is there any query so far or particular application of what I have said that people would like to discuss?

H:…. I am not quite sure how to put it but when you talk about sexual energy and balance, an exchange with other people, does the energy need a deeper relationship with another individual than with everything else?

Chinaman:…. We can become very complex in our analysis of the situation for everything affects everything else.

When you think in terms of physical sexual intercourse and the energies there, all levels are brought into play to some degree. There is the exchange of energies, but at each of the different chakras. They are the vehicles of exchange. They are influencing the fields and the energy flows. They are the points of contact between male and female, as much as the physical bodies. Such exchange is seen for those people who have eyes to see them. And the exchange is not just between the individuals, but involves their whole environment.

The rising of the kundalini through Tantric sex is a separate philosophy or exercise that can be highly dangerous as well beneficial. When the kundalini is raised and not in balance then there will be an exaggeration of that imbalance as it rises through the chakras. If there is an emotional imbalance then the person could be far more fraught, tearful, argumentative or whatever. On the rational level, the umbilical chakra, then imbalance of rationality results and a person can become quite paranoid or fixed in their thinking, prejudices are exaggerated. The person becomes intransigent. At the extreme imbalance through the chakras the person could literally catch fire.

If there is a balance in sexual activity, a giving and receiving in respect and love, then there is deep harmony and health with each other and the place. Sexual activity does not have to be limited to the bedchamber or simply to pleasure. It could be part of a deep ritual in worship, as it has been done in the past in some places. It is a more obvious energy exchange than having sex with a tree, but it is still essentially of the same nature.

It can indeed be done as a form of worship. Just as the earth is thought of as Mother Earth and the sky as Sky Father, the actual energy exchange of that meeting can give rise to life on the planet, as individuals make that identification. An enacting of the god and goddess in sexual activity, in physical intercourse, and in the orgasmic release, helps achieve an expanding of consciousness and a sympathetic magic with the life of the planet, giving health to everyone.

That is sacred when deep, deep respect or love is between the couple. If there is only a selfish gratification present then you can imagine what kind of energetic sowing of seed is taking place and what consequences will ultimately emerge.

I think we ought to leave it there for this morning. I will leave you to your theoretical, moralistic, ethical debate over lunch.