“What happens 5 minutes after you are dead?”

What happens 5 minutes after you are dead?

….What happens 5 minutes after you are dead? The answer is extremely simple. You are not dead!

But to amplify that and put it correctly – what happens after the transition of dying, dying to this physical life to what follows after?

I think you will find that most people are not afraid of death itself, but the actual act of dying – wondering if it is going to be painful or an agony but hoping it will be a gentle passing. It is the moment of transition that most people are worried about and not what comes afterwards. If they were, then perhaps they would give more thought to how they live in the physical world because everyone reaps what they sow and what they sow in this physical life dictates where or what happens in the next 5 minutes afterward the dying. It is the direct result of the life on the physical plane.

There is also the manner of transition.

I have spoken before about suicide, for suicide and execution are perhaps the exceptions to the rule, but I think I ought to speak more of the general tonight.

There are two main types of transition or dying to the physical state. First there is the type of transition where there is plenty of warning before hand. It could simply be old age, where the body loses its ability to function, or it could be an illness, a long term illness that inevitably leads to death. For any such like long time anticipation the same kind of circumstances will follow 5 minutes after the transition of death.

The other kind of transition, obviously, is that of suddenness, the accident or a major catastrophe. Such suddenness could be manmade or an act of God but once again the circumstances of what follows would be the same.

Let me take the second example first.

So there is a terrorist explosion or an earthquake or simply a spark and the gas explodes. I can assure you that there are always spirit guides or helpers who will attend such a transition – ALWAYS.

Some of these things are known a long time in advance on our side, even though it seems to be a sudden accident or terrorist explosion on the physical plane. Because they are known long before by us so there will be spirit guides and helpers present, people who are – not trained as such – but adept at helping in those circumstances, people who know just what to say or how to help. They will appear as people who should be at such a scene, for one of the things you can be sure of is that the person who has just passed over will not know he or she is physically dead! The suddenness and the continuation of awareness means that the people passing over will believe they are continuing to be physically alive. So when someone who is obviously in authority approaches them and speaks to them, they will respond in a normal manner and be lead away.

It may be that such a helper will dress like a policeman, an ambulance worker, a nurse, a doctor, a fireman or someone who would wear a uniform and be recognised as a person who helps. So the dying person, let’s say Tim – I liked that name before – so Tim has suddenly made a transition through this event called death, still believe he is physically alive, and is very grateful that someone in authority guides them away from carnage and atrocity without thinking too much about it. He finds that he is in a place like a hospital or reception area where there are similar cases. There he will be encouraged to rest, to lie perhaps in a quiet corner or a separate room even, and just like any person in shock, there will be a reaction for Tim and Tim will kind of doze.

Yes there is this kind of sleep, kind of, in the afterlife. There is a kind of shutting down of awareness – not completely gone but a kind of dozing.

And so we move on to the next stage of Tim’s transition, for as he opens his eyes or becomes more aware after a period of time, then there will be someone present who he will recognise, but someone he will also know has died to the earth plane yet who is so very much alive beside him.

Then there comes acclimatisation, the realisation as to what really did happen, and most people are very curious about what they have left behind as well of what is around. So there is an extended tour of the immediate surroundings and a tour that will also take Tim back to look – from a distance – at the physical plane. By this time the visit to the earth plane is assisted by the thoughts, prayers and affection of those who remain on the earth plane for it will usually be the time of the funeral. It is easier to make the visit at that time for all that energy will be directed towards Tim assisting him at this time, for Tim to see what is going on can be quite traumatic.

Tim will then be lead back to the heavenly realms and find that he is comfortable in a particular area of the heavens, an area that you might have been taught to call a plane, a level of being, one of the heavens. Tim will be comfortable there.

There is no great judgement at that time, he will just gravitate to that place and there his home will be – a home in the spiritual realms. There will be other areas of the heavens that he will look to and aspire to, areas which are more rarefied, alive, and alight. And there will be other areas where he looks and perhaps visits, where there will be more sorrow, be colder, discomfort, a ‘deadness’. That is what I mean by the preparation of what is to come whilst in this earthly life, a reaping of what you sow, for it is an automatic comfort or discomfort that leads you, concerning your level or degree of spirituality.

Five minutes after that initial transition Tim would be guided, and then time changes for him. It is not easy to follow as on the earth plane, but Tim will eventually reside where he is comfortable and after a period of time he will grow and move within the realms – but that is another matter entirely.

What of the other example? Well perhaps Tim had a wasting disease, a cancer, or simply died of old age. In that instance, as the physical bonds begin to loosen and Tim approaches the time of transition, so he will be aware of other people around. He will see things first out of the corner of his eye or upon waking – or is that his imagination – but then for Tim there will come a time when he can actually see someone who he recognises who, as I said before, has gone on. Usually this is a relative, a parent, or someone of an older generation but it could also be somebody who he had great respect for. And in that moment, even though Tim is still alive to the physical plane, there is an acceptance and usually a dropping of anxiety when he realises that the transition of death is upon him – and all is well.

Then things continue in a similar vein as for the previous example. As the spirit moves away from the physical body so Tim would be led again to somewhere where he can rest, not necessarily this time in a kind of reception or hospital but perhaps possibly directly to his home in the spiritual realms, and things continue exactly the same.

What is sad is that in both of those examples, as well as the exceptions of suicide and execution, some people still deny that they are dead to the physical world and then there can be a real problem in reaching them, in being able to speak to them. If there is the denial then, even though initially Tim might recognise someone who has passed on, there is a shutting out – there is a going away – there is a loneliness. Then it may only be possible to reach Tim through someone who is living on the earth plane who will begin that instruction or help as Tim is closest to that plane of existence. That help may be through prayer or a rescue circle or seance group. Of course it could be simply over considerable time that Tim eventually accepts the reality of his death, and the moment he calls out for help then the process can continue.

So does that answer the question?

S:….. That answers it quite well but there was another part to the question – and that was what do you do when you are on the other side?

Chinaman:…. We do not play harps! Well you can if you wish to – of course.

There is a different understanding of time here. There are also misconceptions! If a person on the earth plane has been lead to believe that the afterlife is going to be a place of a particular experience then initially that is what they would indeed experience. So if Tim was someone who had been taught that in the next life there would be pleasures untold of dalliances with females as a reward, of wine and good food, then initially that would be Tim’s experience. So that is what Tim would be doing.

But after a time it would become jaded. If you have nothing but good things happen you want even better things to follow, for the good becomes commonplace. There is a part of human nature that never changes and that is the need to grow. So Tim would begin to look for other things to do for there would be a boredom creeping in. Instead of listening to the harps or lutes or what have you, he might want to have a go himself. So there begins to dawn the realization that there is so much fantasy around him and he wants to broaden his understanding, his abilities to grow. This can be quite a shock to those who realize that they are surrounded by nothing but fantasy and thought form. It might be called a heaven at first, but it might be called a hell or purgatory eventually. Tim will realize that where he is to be comfortable is somewhere very different.

And then there are opportunities – that is the best way of describing it – opportunities to learn, to answer that curiosity, that questing, that desire to know more. Tim begins to grow. He begins to develop talents and understanding. There will also be a desire to pass that on somehow, to help others, and to share. There comes an opening of his eyes to compassion, teaching and wanting to help those less fortunate or less able. So Tim will find after a while that it is more comfortable to move on, to leave his present home and to find another. His spirit has grown. Spirituality is never still, there is always more to find out. There are always areas of investigation and of growth. And that is why those of the heavens that you first meet are only those people who have been in the heavens for a short while, or a few centuries rather than for eons. All those people who passed on long ages ago have gone on.

Does that answer your question?

S:….. I think so. It’s not initially my question so I think we must give the answer to the person who asked it and see what they say.

Chinaman:…. So, no we do not sit down and do nothing. We do not simply bow down and worship continually the Divine by singing hymns or psalms – that would be terribly boring for everyone including the Divine! No, there is always activity and a moving on, a delight in knowledge, a delight in sharing knowledge, a delight in understanding what is all around. For creation is a wonder, a miracle, a delight, and appreciating that is worship.

S:… Chinaman – is the very fact that you learn and grow within your home and then move on, part of what we would understand in terms of ‘judgement’? Is it within that process you review what you have done?

Chinaman…. No. You do not review it. It just is. You always want to know more, to move on. There is no exam, no time of judging a person’s ability or judging a person’s spirituality. They just are. Are you thinking about in the Bible the time of Judgment? That is another matter and a completely different issue. That is caught up with great movements or times. I will speak of that if you wish another time.

As I say, we reap what we sow, but it doesn’t stop there. It isn’t just simply what a person does on the earth plane as to what level or what is comfortable in the next, for there continues regrets, there are memories, there is remorse. There is a continuing of karma in the next life. That is why someone who is in the spiritual planes may decide to work through particular karma, deliberately aiding those who are less able, as a means of redressing a balance. So although someone has gone on to higher levels, they continue to work through their karma, they continue to be needful of what they do for that will decide how they continue to reap or to grow, for they are sowing all the time for the future.

Therefore you may find some people who have moved out of a lower level of the heavens, be so full of remorse for their selfishness whilst incarnate on the earth plane which put them there that they try to rescue people in the lower levels in turn. They find that they can journey into those realms and put up with great discomfort, because there is the motivation to help. So karma continues to be redressed.

A:….. Is it possible to ask how did you leave your life?

Chinaman:…. I died peacefully. I was an old man. I was not murdered. I did not suffer an accident. My body gave way in the end. But then I had had a privileged life, a very privileged life.

I think that is more than enough for tonight.