What happens to the spirit if a person has multiple personalities?


Chinaman:….. Of course when I was incarnate there was no science of the mind as you have it today. We understood things, obviously, in our own terms and using what gifts and talents were available. One particular talent that we employed you do not employ at all. I will explain as we proceed.

I think the best way is for me to give you an example, and point out that everybody employs multiple personalities most times in their lives, being a different person to different people. But let us use the example of a young lad – let me call him Timothy. Perhaps Timothy is an only child and his father had left while he was very small, so perhaps his mother doted on him. As Timothy grew he was the apple of his mother’s eye and Timothy could do no wrong. Timothy liked to be the centre of attention, to be looked after and to be lauded by his mother when her friends or relatives came to visit.

But life tended to be rather difficult for Timothy when he went to school. There he found he was not the centre of attention and neither was he mollycoddled by anybody, so being a rather sensitive lad he found it rather painful. The usual response is to withdraw, not to communicate very well with his peers, but he found one form of defence is to be the aggressor and that way he found he was left alone.

As the years went by he became more of a leader of a group in the school. That was the way he defended himself. He was the one who controlled, who made up the group’s mind as to what games were to played, who was to be accepted and who was to be rejected. His behaviour became rather antisocial in the eyes of those who had authority. Any reports back to his mother were disbelieved, discounted. Then when more years had gone by, in the senior school years, Timothy got into trouble with the police.

At that point there seems to be two conflicting, totally different personalities about him. On the one hand he is the gang leader who flaunts his authority against the other kinds of authority. While at home he is still the child who is adored, lauded, praised – and the two images are irreconcilable.

I am sure you have come across this situation time and again. The way forward for Tim at this stage in your society would be some kind of therapy or counselling to integrate the different aspects of his personality, the different personas to become one once more.

The talent we would employ when we considering what was to be done with Tim in my time, when listening to the testimonies of say the teachers or police compared with that say of his mother, would be clairvoyance. For those with that gift would be able to see Tim’s astral body when he is sleeping and study his astral form to see how much the astral body is affected. For if there is just a problem that can be overcome by therapy then there may seem to be two faces about him, a flitting from image to image or a kind of overshadowing of one with the other.

But suppose the trouble had not been discovered and Tim grew into adulthood. His safety and being looked after at home would be in complete opposition to his life on the street. Which one is real?

At that stage the astral body would be seen as two different personas joined in some way and the level of division would show how much of a problem that is. Would he appear like Siamese twins? The extreme would be two complete people joined by some kind of a thread, and the two would appear quite different in their countenance.

I am not trying to joke if I say they would appear spectral rather than real, but where a normal astral body would have a certain quality about it these two would have something lacking in each.

It is at that point, when in fact Tim’s thinking has produced two almost separate astral personas, that if Tim was to die to the earth plane then the cord would be severed between the two and there would be two surviving personalities – each with their own karma.

It may surprise you to think that karma continues once the incarnation is over but I have karma. Although there are certain aspects of the continuing reincarnate spirit where karma is being worked out through the incarnation, some of the karma continues within me and what I do and why I do it is also a working out of past karma.

So though two personalities of Tim would go in two completely different areas of the heavens where they would feel comfortable or at home they would seemingly go their separate ways.

That is one explanation and consequence of a multiple personality. When you have a person, who for various reasons, has relied on several different personas rather than simply two, the situation can be complex indeed. However a clairvoyant should be able to say the degree of separation and whether it is possible for integration to be achieved.

There are of course other reasons for displaying other personalities within the one physical person and a form of obsession or even possession will show two or more completely different personalities using that body. Once again a clairvoyant will be able to see what the truth of the situation is, and in this case, they may see warring spirits trying to keep control and their spirit bodies not be diminished in any way. They would not have that spectral quality about them. So a clairvoyant can see if it is possession rather than the survival techniques employed by Timothy. However I cannot as yet see how such gifts might become a common use in your mental institutions.

Does that answer your question S?

S:……Yes thank you. I was interested in how one person could show two different personalities and how it worked spiritually. I would be fascinated to ask if the two personalities that are separated after death ever reunite?

Chinaman… No, usually not. It does not work in quite that way. After many years, centuries, of course spirits do unite, but not usually those where there has been that kind of division. They will have united with other spirits on their own progression – their own path. But that is another story, another session, I think.