January Newsletter – Wheel of Time

Hello everyone.

Yes, I am sorry to say that the Water Wheel didn’t last a further couple of weeks.  We were still using a standby generator all through Christmas, hoping that that would hold out without further problems whilst the Wheel was being fixed.  The major problem was one of the main bearings that support the 20-tonne wheel.  Not a quick fix. All is well now – at least until next Christmas!!

It is not obvious from the pics but the bearing decided to disintegrate and then go for a walk along the shaft. Not a good idea!!

And now for something completely different – The other thought I had was about the Epiphany story, the Magi or Wise Men.  Thinking of the Wheel of Time, the time of the Magi was very similar to our time, astronomically speaking.  The Earth was moving from one great age to another, from Aires to Pisces, just as today it is moving from Pisces to Aquarius. The New Age of Aquarius has one of its attributes as ‘intelligence’ and ‘applied intelligence’ – invention.  Indeed the transition time of the last one hundred years of so has seen more invention that the whole of the recoded history of the planet.  And now we have to cope with Artificial Intelligence and whatever that might bring.

I wonder what the Magi would say about another attribute of Aquarius – war?  I have some ideas about that and will be preaching upon that subject on Epiphany Sunday.  See you there?

The usual updates are there this month – Planting by the Moon and Astrology for Healers and Therapists.

Have a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Blessings John.