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  • September Newsletter – Good News, Bad News

    Hello Everyone This monthly missive is supposed to be about what is happening at the Mill, a News Letter ostensibly.  News is so often dire these days – I guess it always is – for bad news sells, whereas good news nearly always goes by unnoticed, but let me buck the trend – sort of!  Continue Reading

  • August Newsletter – Alas for Lammas

    Hello Everyone Lammas is one of the old fashioned Lady Days (Quarter days) of Accounting but is the far older festival of First Fruits in the Old Religion.  It was a major festival but after almost being forgotten is only beginning to grow in prominence amongst New Agers once again.  However, I am beginning to Continue Reading

  • July Newsletter – Whattamistakeatomakea

    Hello Everybody If you have tried to access the website at any time this month you might have wondered what was going on.  No, it wouldn’t have been your fault, you typing the wrong characters – it was mine.  I had received an email from the website hosting service telling me that I had almost Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – What is Normal

    Hello Everyone After the last two years’ pandemic lockdowns there has been a striving to get ‘back to normal’.  But what is normal, and can we ever really achieve it? Some things are easily seen to be quite different now.  We no longer shop the way we did.  It was changing before the pandemic, and Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Was I Right?

    Hello Everyone Well was I right or do I hang up my astrological hat?  I guess I was right and wrong!  I was right in that the first Sunday of the month, just as the chart indicated, the war profoundly changed.  The Russian war machine stopped at Kyiv and started to withdraw.  For good or Continue Reading

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