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  • May Newsletter – Was I Right?

    Hello Everyone Well was I right or do I hang up my astrological hat?  I guess I was right and wrong!  I was right in that the first Sunday of the month, just as the chart indicated, the war profoundly changed.  The Russian war machine stopped at Kyiv and started to withdraw.  For good or Continue Reading

  • April Newsletter – My Head on the block

    Hello Everyone I know this is a week early but – here we go again!  After all I said last month about not being a fortune teller, I guess I cannot help myself.  It is my head, I suppose, so it is my fault for putting it on the block! These last few months have Continue Reading

  • March Newsletter – Do you want a crystal ball?

    Hello Everyone “Whatta mistaaka to maaker”. Now and again when I look at the astrology charts for the next month or so I see something that takes my breath away.  I do not have a crystal ball and I cannot interpret things as clearly as I might like but in the expected time frame the Continue Reading

  • February Newsletter – Help

    Hello Everyone The trouble with any general predictionof any kind is that it is usually possible to bend an interpretation of the facts to fit almost any situation.  The more general it is then the easier it is to say, ‘told you so’.  The more specific the prediction the harder it is to bend the Continue Reading

  • January Newsletter – Hypocrite

    Hello Everyone During a seminar when I was at Theological college we students were asked to define ‘hypocrite’.  We all said something along the lines that a hypocrite was someone who said one thing but practiced another, someone who didn’t practice what they preached.  We all got it wrong!! Apparently when Jesus used the word Continue Reading

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