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  • September Newsletter – Not my Problem

    Hello Everyone Having a moan! It is the prerogative of the older generation to moan about the younger generation as they look back to a mythical golden age and say, “for it was better in my time”!  Wishful thinking?  Looking back through rose-coloured spectacles?  Probably.  But I am sure that sometimes that statement is 100% Continue Reading

  • August Newsletter – Confidentiality

    Hello Everyone I recently agreed to renew my Licence or Permission to Officiate within the Exeter Diocese.  This meant I was obliged to renew my status with regards to Safeguarding, for the Church has had egg on its collective face several times in the recent past.  For an organisation that reputes to promote safety and Continue Reading

  • July Newsletter – Which is Mightier

    Hello Everyone The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword.  I cannot dispute that, but I would like to bring it up to date. History has repeatedly shown that ideas last far longer than any conquest or empire.  They have shaped our past in ways that make me marvel.  The Reformation could Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – Nothing to Report

    Hello Everyone I fell into the trap that most of us fall into from time to time, namely the trap of only remembering the bad things and easily forgetting the good things.  As I couldn’t recall anything special happening this past month then I guessed it was going to be a very short Newsletter! When Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Monarchy or Republic

    Hi Everyone By the time you read this you might be completely fed up with Coronation, Coronation and more Coronation.  Be that as it may, I just want to offer a thought about our Nation.  I know it has been said that a week in politics is long, long time, but we have one of Continue Reading

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