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  • March Newsletter – Success or Failure

    Hello Everyone Sometimes I have been asked what our success rate is amongst Counselling Clients and whether we have many ‘failures’. In this case I suppose a lot depends upon how you define ‘success’ or ‘failure’, but if you mean that when a counselling series concludes the Client feels much happier and ready to go Continue Reading

  • February Newsletter – Shovelling Sh-one-t

    Hello Everyone Here we go again.  The most dreaded job at the Mill. Last month the outlet from the septic tank became blocked with earth and stones, care of an enthusiastic animal.  I didn’t realise the problem until an inspection grating further back up the system started emitting copious amounts of liquid.  By that time Continue Reading

  • January Newsletter – Janus

    Hello Everyone I am sure you must know of the two headed Roman god ‘Janus’, as this is trotted out every year at this time.  It must have been extremely confusing for him, but he was able to see both where he was going and where he had been, both at the same time!  Typically Continue Reading

  • December Newsletter – Wrong

    Hello Everyone Well, was I right or was I wrong – or was I in between? I think I was more wrong than right.  Certainly, at an individual’s level there were many, many instances of horrible happenings, but at an international level there was no single world-shattering event.  Yes, there was the ongoing war in Continue Reading

  • November Newsletter, – I Promised not to do it again.

    Hello Everyone [Written on October 10th} I know I promised not to do this again, but I couldn’t help myself when I was working on next month’s Astrology charts.  Remember there is a legal requirement that I have to remind everyone that this is for entertainment purposes, however:- If you look at the chart for Continue Reading

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