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  • July Newsletter – Responsibility or Blame

    Hello Everyone Although responsibility can be acknowledged as being before an event as well as afterwards, blame is a post event only.  You can be absolutely certain that at the start of a couples’ counselling session there will be much said about blame, but little said about responsibility.  Blame is all about pointing the finger Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – It’s a matter of perspective

    Hello Everyone It’s all a matter of perspective. Three of us were concreting a trackway last week.  It was the last part to be done that linked the road to the log store, begun several years ago and working in dribs and drabs.  We were working uphill, and at the end of a day’s work, Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Water

    Hi Everyone Something to think about in your spare time. One of the most common substances on this planet is Water.  And because it is so common we rarely consider it as precious – unless you live in a drought or desert area.   Yet without its most peculiar properties life would not be possible.  It Continue Reading

  • April Newsletter – at long last – They are gone

    Hello Everyone I have probably written this in a past Newsletter but I will write it again, for I have said it countless times face to face but when people exclaim, “Free Electricity!”, I say that there is NO SUCH THING.  The actual monies spent on maintenance work out approximately the same as you would Continue Reading

  • March Newsletter – Come back from that

    Hello Everyone There are times when, no matter how well intentioned, the situation leads to Hobson’s choice.  It is not a golden rule but usually it is me who tends to see couples at the Mill.  I explain from the outset that I have no agenda but to help clarify the situation and enable the Continue Reading

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