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  • January 2021 Newsletter – Too Much

    Hello Everyone Well the Pre-Christmas Gremlins struck again.  I begin to dread Advent for it usually means the pre-Christmas disaster is on its way – and usually concerns the water-wheel or power generation.  Yes it happened again.  It really is too much.  The hub that has caused so much trouble snapped yet again and despite Continue Reading

  • December Newsletter – ‘Silent Night – or Silent Church’

    Hello Everyone An odd beginning.  And thinking of the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’ perhaps that should be ‘Silent Church’. The roles of the Prophets in the Old Testament were varied and various, some of which were epitomised and personified by the first coming of Christ and some made totally redundant by the same.  However, a Continue Reading

  • November Newsletter – I don’t know

    Hello Everyone Sometimes I wish I hadn’t said anything about astrology in the January Newsletter or about predictions.  Since then I have been asked several times as to when Covid-19 will stop and we can go back to normal.  The simple answer is ‘I DON’T KNOW’. I have never liked the idea of astrological prediction Continue Reading

  • October Newsletter – It’s all in the Mind

    Hello Everybody Have you noticed that over the years there are trends or fashions in illness?  At one time, quite a few years ago now, if you were a business man then you hadn’t yet ‘made it’ if you hadn’t had your third heart attack.  Of course there are people having heart attacks all the Continue Reading

  • September Newsletter – How Much Longer?

    Hello Everybody Last January newsletter I looked at the astrology for the month and foretold of a worldwide consequence event.  I didn’t know at that time what it would actually be but the ramifications of the event would be awesome.  Of course it wasn’t until the end of the month that we could see the Continue Reading

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