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  • February Newsletter – Weather

    Hello everyone. One thing we British can always comment on is our climate.  When we encounter someone on the street and it would be impolite to just pass by, we can be relied upon to comment on the weather.  The fact that the very next person we meet we might make almost a contrary pronouncement Continue Reading

  • January Newsletter – Wheel of Time

    Hello everyone. Yes, I am sorry to say that the Water Wheel didn’t last a further couple of weeks.  We were still using a standby generator all through Christmas, hoping that that would hold out without further problems whilst the Wheel was being fixed.  The major problem was one of the main bearings that support Continue Reading

  • December Newsletter – Its even harder

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the tardiness this month.  So many things to do and not enough time to do them. Well good news and bad news.  Good news is that all those batteries look to be going to Finland to be recycled.  The firm that quoted us £5,000 to take them away are prepared to Continue Reading

  • November Newsletter – It is hard being Green

    Hello everyone. “How wonderful!”, I have heard said so many times.  That was when visitors were talking about the Hydro-system and had just seen the waterwheel and generator system.  I guess it is wonderful, if it is working correctly and you don’t have to do any maintenance.  It is quite another matter when you have Continue Reading

  • October Newsletter – Ash Die Back

    Hello Everyone Well, we got the cherry picker last week so made a start on felling the affected ash trees.  There is something truly sad felling a living tree, even if it is in terminal decline.  Needless to say we didn’t manage to fell as many as we intended and I didn’t get stuck up Continue Reading

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