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  • August Newsletter – Hope and Faith

    Hello Everyone Words are the tools of my trade.  I might not be able to spell very well but I do love word definitions and conveying my message as simply as possible in words that everyone can understand.  That is why I pondered a bit about the difference between the meaning of ‘hope’ and ‘faith’.  Continue Reading

  • July Newsletter – Has John finally cracked

    Hello Everybody We are so very, very close – in more than one interpretation of that phrase.  The population of the UK are not going to put up with this lockdown for much longer.  What is the point of getting the jab if in the end it makes no difference to personal freedom?  Have we Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – Watch Y’Back

    Hello Everybody In days of old when knights where bold……..  Or so the saying goes.  Whether they were bold or not, at least the knights were protected with armour.  They might not have been able to see around them very well as the helmet obscured their view, but at least they were formidably protected both Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Throw it Away

    Hello Everyone How times change.  In this country years ago, if something went wrong or broke, the first thought would be to get it repaired.  Nowadays the first thought is likely to be “throw it away and get a new one”.  In fact that idea of getting something repaired is so novel that it is Continue Reading

  • April Newsletter – Respect

    Hello Everyone As we hopefully near the end of the lockdown and life returns to some semblance of a year ago, I have observed the workings of this thing we call ‘Respect’.  Of course, the whole picture is much more complex than what I paint but have you seen how respect and arrogance have played Continue Reading

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