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  • September Newsletter – How Much Longer?

    Hello Everybody Last January newsletter I looked at the astrology for the month and foretold of a worldwide consequence event.  I didn’t know at that time what it would actually be but the ramifications of the event would be awesome.  Of course it wasn’t until the end of the month that we could see the Continue Reading

  • August Newsletter – All the Lonely People

    “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?”  Beatles 1966 Hello Everybody Eleanor Rigby lyrics strike a chord today as never before.  Many people have experienced loneliness during lockdown and as a consequence  issues have been discovered that have lain dormant for years, having been covered up by social interaction and ‘noise’.  Incidents Continue Reading

  • July Newsletter – Are we all in Prison

    Hello Everybody Some things we do instinctively, others we have to learn. For example we do not have to learn how to cry, smile or go to sleep but we do have to learn how to speak, walk read and write.  Behaviour is a mix but certainly the main part of interaction is a learnt Continue Reading

  • June Newsletter – For Better or Worse

    Hello Everybody Are you fed up with the Lockdown yet?  Do you follow the rules or bend them like some others seem to do – and get away with it? Of course there has been the awful tragedy that some people have suffered as the virus has swept the globe, but it’s not all doom Continue Reading

  • May Newsletter – Struggle

    Hello Everyone Life is a struggle – of course. Why is it that no sooner do we overcome one problem than another takes all our emotional energy and time to cope with.  In fact upon reflection we can see that there are always problems of one kind or another demanding our attention, so I suppose Continue Reading

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